RapidIdentity Product Guide: Legacy UI

General Tab

The General tab contains two content areas.

  1. Profile Settings

  2. Alternate Action Manager

Profiles Settings

Profiles Settings allows administrators the ability to configure global Profiles features to suit the organization's specific security policies and standards.


Review the Configuration Module Interface Overview to configure RBAC or ABAC module visibility.

Table 254. Fields

Field Name


Invalid Challenge Set Message

This message appears to users when they have an invalid challenge set. It is recommended to include contact information for your help desk in this message. The most common use of this message is when users are trying to use the Forgot My Password application but do not have a valid set of challenge questions for the application to use.

Enable Challenge Questions

Enables the API for setting challenge questions.

Enable Forgotten Password Retrieval

Enables the API for retrieving passwords by answering challenge questions.

Enable Forgotten Password CAPTCHA

Enables the CAPTCHA system for forgotten password retrieval.

Enable Forgotten Username Retrieval

Enables the API for retrieving usernames by providing the associated email address.

Enable Forgotten Username CAPTCHA

Enables the CAPTCHA system for forgotten username retrieval.

Enable Claim Account CAPTCHA

Enables the CAPTCHA system for the claim account process.

Selecting any of the CAPTCHA options requires administrators to enter a Site and Secret Key, as described in the Google Apps Updating reCAPTCHA API.

Enable Wildcard (*) Searches

Enables the use of searches with a wildcard “*”. These searches may cause extreme load on the RapidIdentity Portal server and the LDAP server. Wildcard searches should only be used in environments with small user bases and with appropriate LDAP indexes.

Show 'Show All' Checkbox In Delegations

Enables a 'Show All' checkbox in each delegation. This option should only be used when delegations only contain upwards of a few thousand users. Extremely large delegations can cause extreme load on the RapidIdentity Portal or LDAP server.

Alternate Action Manager

As covered in the Configuration Module User Interface Overview, the Alternate Action Manager allows administrators to bypass built-in RapidIdentity Portal logic and allow an arbitrary RapidIdentity Connect Action Set to provide specific functionality.

To see detailed Alternate Action examples, consult the RapidIdentity Portal Profiles Alternate Actions.